Friday, January 12, 2018

Field trip short

So I should tell you, before we go on a field trip we review our Classroom "Expectations"  just to remind everyone what is expected of them.  We find this really helps everyone do their best while we are on a field trip.  We also bring a little key ring with a few visuals in case we need them for reminders.  It is only a little extra step that adds up to so much time and frustration saved. We usually get compliments on how well all of your children behave. :)

Today we had the opportunity to go to an special story time, but more of a storyteller event.  One of our local libraries had a childten’s Event called “Pig Out on Reading”. They allowed us to bring all 11 children 😊 and it sounded like fun.  Most of the time was spent storyteller style with “Farmer Minor” spinning his tale about how his house had been too quiet but then he and Mrs Minor brought Daisy the pig home. All the while he had Daisy pig 🐖 in a stroller on his right side and two pugs in a stroller on his left.

Some of the children thought the pig might eat them and were worried. Most were just totally enthralled with the storytelling and the fact they there was a pig.  When they learned they would get a chance to pet Daisy, most were very excited.  We lined up and waited for our turn.  Farmer Minor had told them that her hair was a little rough.  It was interesting to see their faces as they petted Daisy.  The pug puppies garnered a good bit of attention also.  After all, who doesn't like puppies.

After the field trip to the library, we returned for crock pot lasagna (my first attempt, it was a hit - none left over).  Then we dashed outside to run for just a few minutes before laying down for rest time.  They had been sitting all morning it seemed with the driving to and from the library and needed to burn off some energy.  Directly following the running, everyone was sleeping very soundly. 

As we had snack today we talked about the difference in the pig's hair and Hedgie's prickles. We talked about the possible difference I how the fur felt compared to the prickles that Hedgie has. They predicted that Hedgie would have rougher or pointier hair/spines. That was correct!  Also the pig was very big, and Hedgie is very small.  So we let Hedgie out for a little bit and took him outside to explore the bushes. 

The meals today were:
Breakfast: Cereal & Orange Wheels, Milk
Lunch:  Cheese Lasagna, Peas, Lettuce/Tomato Salad, Milk
Snack:  Animal Crackers, Bananas  

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