Monday, August 3, 2020

Fighting Germs in Preschool

How hard is it to get young children to understand they need to cover their cough, washing their hands, cover their sneeze, etc....               

 Pretty Tough!!
I have seen many adults that don't know to cover their mouth with their elbow versus their hands.  If a cough or sneeze is covered with your hand, then you touch a door knob, a keyboard of a check-in computer, or anything else someone else touches, VOILA!  Instant spread of germs and/or sickness!

Our four year-olds do pretty well with covering their cough or sneezes using their elbows or into their shirt collar. They also do well with the whole Blow, Toss, Wash, and Dry routine - Blow your nose, Toss tissue in trash, Wash your hands, Dry them off and put paper towel in trash. 

The almost three year-olds do well with the Blow, Toss, Wash, and Dry routine.  They are working on covering with their elbow every time they sneeze or cough, or coughing or sneezing into the collar of their shirt.

One and younger two year-olds, NOPE!  They just don't quite get it yet.  So, when they get a cold it just spreads.  As hard as we try to glove up and wipe as fast as we can, they touch the snot from runny nose before we get there.  Then we run them to the bathroom to wash.
So, you can see why we are focusing on Healthy Habits this week.  😷

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